D.O.B.26 – 11 – 1985

Years in the field : 6.


I started exploring our beautiful planet at the age of 19 after meeting some influential people on the movie production ‘Munich’ , who in the end made this travel possible. I went around South America for 6 months with my two best mates and the things we experienced both physically and visually were out of this world. I promised myself that I can never do another trip without an SLR ever again and that is where my true passion for photography all started.

I have been travelling since then and I have been lucky enough to have explored parts of Central America, Africa and Asia. I have documented all my travels through my photography and I turned professional back in 2010 thanks to my cousin Rene Rossignaud, who himself is a very talented and renowned long term professional photographer.

Through my photography I wish to share my experiences of everyday life, not only where I come from but also where I have lived as a nomad for months on end. From scenic wonders to portraits of a person whose face can tell the story of a hundred words, to the variety of wildlife that is found here on Earth and to the stories of life, death , danger and joy that are found on every corner but all within the same universe of time.

In my profession apart from the travel and photojournalism that I have done, I have carried out work in commercial photography, street photography, wedding photography and still photography.

My main goal is that one day my works depicting our beautiful home called Earth will be showcased around the globe and recognised by all walks of life.

Best wishes,

Marc Casolani

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